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The Untold Story

Italy and the Holocaust, Inc. (“the Foundation”) was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to share the little known story of the role of Italy and many individual Italians in saving approximately 80% of the Jews in Italy during the Holocaust. Our goal is to share stories of survival that were possible because people had the courage to care for their neighbors. In sharing these little known stories, the Foundation will educate generations to come that if people are not indifferent, things can be different.

The Foundation has been so fortunate and blessed with the success of the My Italian Secret documentary. With sold out viewings in New York and Los Angeles and a recent release on Netflix, we have been able to tell a story that is unknown to many.

It is because of these forgotten heroes that Jewish families escaped and survived the Holocaust.

We would like to send our thanks to those heroes, those who have shared their testimonials, everyone involved in the creation of our documentary, and everyone who has continuously supported our cause.
To learn more about the Foundation and how to get involved, click here:

The Foundation is in the process of bringing these stories to light and has interviewed many Jews who survived in Italy in order to learn more about their experiences and understand how survival was possible. Our documentary tells the story of brave Italians, including Gino Bartali, who defied the Nazis and Fascists to hide, rescue and protect thousands of innocent Jewish people and others in Italy during the Holocaust.