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Sonia Eichenwald
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Born: Cinecittà in Rome, Italy

Date: July 5th, 1946

Family: Mother: Hilda Winkler, Father: Norbert Kellmer

Sonia Eichenwald

Sonia's parents, Hilda Winkler and Norbert Kellmer met and fell in love in Ferramonti. When Hilda and her family were transferred to Confino Libero 1, in San Marino Messemerino, Hilda and Norbert made a "domanda" (a request made by families to Italian officials so they could be reunited) so they could be married. The Italian authorities approved the request and sent Norbert to join Hilda, and they were married on August 27, 1943. According to Sonia, this is how the Italians were different during the war.

“I almost felt guilty that I didn't have horror stories to tell.”

After the War

After the war, Sonia's parents were sent to the displaced persons’ camp in Rome, Cinecittà, while waiting to move to the United States. Sonia was born in Rome in 1946.

When Sonia's parents moved to the United States, they settled in Kansas City, Kansas. Sonia still lives in Kansas City and is married with two children and six grandchildren.

1 Confino Libero, or Free Confinement, was a system where Jews were sent to live in small towns in Italy but had certain restrictions placed upon them including limitations on travel, mandatory curfew and daily police check-ins.