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Giorgio Goldenberg
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Born: Giorgio Goldenberg in Bologna

Date: June 30, 1932

Family: Mother, Father, Sister: Tea

Giorgio Goldenberg

Giorgio's father lived in Florence and was friends with Gino Bartali. He moved to Fiume with his family and after Italy entered the war in June 1940, the family moved back to the Florence area.

After September 8, 1943, Italy was occupied by the Nazis and the lives of the Goldenberg family were at risk. The Goldenberg family went into hiding. Giorgio was hidden for a time in a convent outside of Florence in Settignano, and his family was hidden in Gino Bartali's basement. Giorgio left the convent and joined his family when it was becoming too dangerous to stay in the convent. The Goldenberg family was saved by Gino Bartali's actions.

“Gino Bartali saved my life and the life of my family.”

After the War

The Goldenberg family emigrated to Israel after the war. Giorgio Goldenberg now goes by the name of Shlomo Paz and has three children and five grandchildren. He lives outside of Tel Aviv.

Gino Bartali and the nuns in Settingano were honored as the Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

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